Have A Low Credit Score?     Is No Credit A Problem?
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Low Mileage and Clean One Owner Bikes, Cars, and Trucks
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Come See Us For Some Of These Fine pre-driven Cars and Trucks
Come See Us For Some Of These Fine pre-driven Bikes
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Johnny's Auto Motor
8502 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN 46226
Phone: (317) 898-0657 or (317) 890-0970
Our Goal at Johnny's Auto Motor is to sell to you a pre-driven, late model, dependable vehicle you want to own and drive.
Just because you have had some things happen to you causing your credit to go bad, it does not mean that your only option is to purchase a 10-year-old or older vehicle from a "shack on a lot buy-here-pay-here" location. At Johnny's Auto Motor , with our own "in-house" financing, you can obtain a true sense of worth by driving in the vehicle you like, the vehicle you want, the vehicle you can be proud to drive and park at your home. And you will not be told by the other guy what vehicle will fit your budget.
Respect is what you want, what you deserve, and what Johnny's Auto Motor  will give you.
When you purchase from us you get extra services. If you are too busy, we can go to the license branch for you to take care of the paperwork. Now...that is service with convenience!!
So, come in and check us out. Our friendly "no-pressure" salespeople are ready to put you in the nice vehicle you have been wanting to drive and own.
Johnny's Motto:
            "Drive The Car You Love. TODAY!".